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new commission. weeeeoooeeeoooooo egyptian elves.

for the sunday bros!

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A wip of my latest commission work.   Egyptian elves ftw.   Bottom bloke is a god of some description and the top fellow is his less-than-pure servant.  

update: INKS!!! (?????)  Tumblr is being a dick and resizing everything to look heinous.  So….. sorryaboutthat.

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COMMISSION DONE OH WOW.   Work made completing this very difficult but its done!  Lovely characters belong to Heliossa on DA.

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Working on a pic of Loki and kid!loki.  Inspiration and designs are gonna be taken from both the movie and comic versions of him… cause they’re all pretty brilliant right now.  I love how the mainstream has embraced this character as a sympathetic villain, instead of a black and white character.

wings are courtesy of magpies and their ilk.

Ehh… yeah i’m feeling a bit down right now, so I hope you guys enjoy the art … its channeling a bit of emotional bs right now.

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Theodox, an oldie but still a favourite of mine. I recently did this redesign of him… in large part based off a stunningly gorgeous model (in case someone recognizes the middle bottom sketch as familiar).  I drew him with both his messy / hair he has when he works at home and with his sleek styling for when he feels he needs to be presentable.

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dude who else

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loki and thor and loki

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so um

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Loki Laufeyson.  Quick doodle to channel the feels.

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Here’s a commission of a super sultry lady nagah.  All the curves, every single one of them.

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A commisson!?  by ME?  Say it isn’t so!

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Two commissions.  Ho man.  So work was insane for the first couple months of being hired, but it’s calmed down considerably since then.  On a new project and am finally able to get back to the commissions I owe. <3

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Commisssssiooooooons!  Nother one bites the dust.  Question: do you guys prefer I post these in batches or one at a time?  I’m kind of indifferent but I’m just wondering what you all prefer.  Cheers!

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New commission :>