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new commission. weeeeoooeeeoooooo egyptian elves.

for the sunday bros!

Feb 22, 2014 / 484 notes

A wip of my latest commission work.   Egyptian elves ftw.   Bottom bloke is a god of some description and the top fellow is his less-than-pure servant.  

update: INKS!!! (?????)  Tumblr is being a dick and resizing everything to look heinous.  So….. sorryaboutthat.

Dec 14, 2013 / 917 notes

COMMISSION DONE OH WOW.   Work made completing this very difficult but its done!  Lovely characters belong to Heliossa on DA.

Dec 7, 2013 / 225 notes

Working on a pic of Loki and kid!loki.  Inspiration and designs are gonna be taken from both the movie and comic versions of him… cause they’re all pretty brilliant right now.  I love how the mainstream has embraced this character as a sympathetic villain, instead of a black and white character.

wings are courtesy of magpies and their ilk.

Ehh… yeah i’m feeling a bit down right now, so I hope you guys enjoy the art … its channeling a bit of emotional bs right now.

Dec 4, 2013 / 266 notes

Theodox, an oldie but still a favourite of mine. I recently did this redesign of him… in large part based off a stunningly gorgeous model (in case someone recognizes the middle bottom sketch as familiar).  I drew him with both his messy / hair he has when he works at home and with his sleek styling for when he feels he needs to be presentable.

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dude who else

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loki and thor and loki

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so um

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Loki Laufeyson.  Quick doodle to channel the feels.

Nov 10, 2013 / 184 notes

Here’s a commission of a super sultry lady nagah.  All the curves, every single one of them.

Nov 7, 2013 / 230 notes

A commisson!?  by ME?  Say it isn’t so!

Oct 16, 2013 / 379 notes

Two commissions.  Ho man.  So work was insane for the first couple months of being hired, but it’s calmed down considerably since then.  On a new project and am finally able to get back to the commissions I owe. <3

Aug 13, 2013 / 266 notes

Commisssssiooooooons!  Nother one bites the dust.  Question: do you guys prefer I post these in batches or one at a time?  I’m kind of indifferent but I’m just wondering what you all prefer.  Cheers!

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New commission :>

Aug 11, 2013 / 266 notes

Some expression practice.  On top, a bunch of eyes.  On bottom, Yuan and Kratos from Tales of Symphonia (biggest otp alert).  Been getting people asking for more sketches and rough shit that aren’t commissions or work so here you go!  Behold the brilliance!