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Continuing our redesign project, some rough, first passes on Zelos Wilder and Colette Brunel, since they are such enjoyable friends to watch on screen together.  We’ll be doing turnarounds for them once we have the designs more nailed down. Hopefully we’ll find our way to the entire Symphonia party.

Also to any Symphonia fans wondering if the PS3 re-release is worth owning, my answer is yes. Yes it is. All the PS2 content I never got to see from the English GC version was really enjoyable, especially if you get all the Zelos soul-mate stuff (much more than I thought there would actually be) and I very much enjoyed the translation of “bud” properly translated to “hunny” in the extra scenes.


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So I’ve been nagging RBV to post these, a project we both wanted to do, similar to the FF7 redesign thing.  Here are the first couple of drawings for zelos and colette.. the two chosen.  Hopefully i’ll be able to do some swank turn arounds for these designs once some more of my commissions are done… 

And yeah.. the ps2 content on the HD release of symphonia is amazeballs. 

Stay tuned!

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goochy1270 said: Hey. I love your work and wondered if you had a website for buying prints etc?

Sure do!  You can find all the things i have for sale over at my studio website;


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new commission. weeeeoooeeeoooooo egyptian elves.

for the sunday bros!

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A wip of my latest commission work.   Egyptian elves ftw.   Bottom bloke is a god of some description and the top fellow is his less-than-pure servant.  

update: INKS!!! (?????)  Tumblr is being a dick and resizing everything to look heinous.  So….. sorryaboutthat.

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nl-rincs said: Hello! I was wondering if you have any updates on your Amaranthine project. I'm one of your backers on kickstarter, and I was just wondering... you all seem pretty active, and the site says that the book was supposed to have been released May 2013. Has there been delays? I just wish to know. Thank you.

There has been many delays, most notably Stephan became extremely sick right after the project wrapped up on kickstarter and delayed it by a year.  The reason my activity has been so high on art sites is because I’m getting all my commissions finished and out of the way before starting on Avi again.  Normally i would have done the commissions hand in hand with the comic but i was hired last august at a gaming company, which is allowing me to pay off my debt and survive.  This new job is taking up the time i normally would have spent on commissions.  

So yes, basically, we are behind but we fully intend to finish and release the book (with a few extra perks to all our patient backers) but I have responsibilities and work that i owe commissions who bought pieces before the Avi kickstarter.  

So while this is not ideal… its the best i can do for the time being.  I truly appreciate your patience and the patience of all my backers.  

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A commission that I’ve been working on this week between…well.. work.  A really great commissioner (rackthejipper) asked me to reimagine a Naga bro i drew a few years ago but this time have him fighting an amazonian lady.  

So while drawing it i sorta came up with a star-crossed lovers scenario in my head.   Qetza (as i came to call him) is used to being worshipped by his fellow Naga warriors, being one of the strongest, bravest (read: brash and stupid) and instilling legends and awe in the humans they occasionally interact with.  The two races don’t have much contact, only glimpses of each other in rare instances.  However the humans are so struck by his majesty that they’ve started to view him as a God, and are sacrificing lives to appease him.  One of these lives was our amazon warrior’s sister, and she’s come for revenge.  Not only is Qet taken aback by such violence against him by a seemingly lesser race, he can’t imagine anyone not worshipping the ground he … slithers.. on.  Unable to best the other in battle, the two enter into a different kind of battle, one of curiosity and discovery.  

Taboo relationships. Adorbs.  Also, happy valentine’s day?????  Try to stab your crush in the face today!!

posted this to the wrong blog… woops

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A commission for the awesome Xetsa!  This one took ungodly long. T_T; I hope you all like it though!

for the morning monday folks!

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Some Boot Hill sketches i’ve done over the past few weeks… really quick.  Finch and Linds… with their dumbfaces doing dumb things.  ;-;

for the folks of the night

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Jambeaux!   A little character from Boot Hill, here to be adorable and blow things up.  I never had a proper design for him so I decided to go back and rework his face.  I love this guy ;;  Actually way more than I thought I would when he was first made.  

Anyways ;;;;;;;;; Boot Hill..!!! BE STILL MY HEART.

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silvariakiralv said: Your work is gorgeous. I love how you emphasize length in your style, so that all of your characters have very elongated, graceful features while maintaining proportion and believability. I'm currently hunting for more about Falls D'Ange because it looks fascinating. I look forward to following you and seeing more of your lovely art!!

Some how this ask got completely burried !!!! I am so sorry this is insanely late ahahah but thank you very much, you’re compliment is really lovely ;; FDA is a side project of a side project… so its a bit more uncommon, but hopefully you’ll be able to track the stuff i do have down through the tags :>

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Commission Drawing for phloxebutt @ FA


We have a blog for our anthro stuff now if you’re interested :)

^^^^^ I drew the lineart for this and steph made it look good with everything else.  Like shading and texture and colours.. X_X

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Anonymous said: i'm so sorry to ask but I wanted to be sure! Is it you that draws and steph's corrects and does the paper..?? Im sorry if that sounds wrong! I'm not trying to be rude but I do not know the words for it. I think you both do an equal amount of work and it always looks amazing because you are both very talented artist I look up too!

This blog is aaaaaallll mine. hahaha, we do a lot of work together, but everyone on DapperOwl is my (Hunter’s) work. :>

No worries anon! no worries..

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So the brilliant idea came to me the other day, completely on my own and with no one else’s help, to make two of the protagonists from a fantasy wild west story into a dwarf and an elf, because they’re basically already pretty much that.  Finch is an angry tiny hairy man who takes out knee caps and linds is a reedy tall blond man who heals people almost miraculously.    The two of them together are like a more dysfunctional gimli and legolas, only finch is a lying sack of shit and linds is way less racist.  

Between gloomsday and myself we basically re-wrote a very nerdy, very au version of the Hobbit, in which Kasrim, the bastard son of Thorin’s brother, Frerin, and was not raised as a prince nor as the Durin family line, but as a blacksmith with a panchant for spinning wild tales of his imaginary adventures, half believing them himself.   After outliving his father (not that he knew of his lineage) Kas travelled with the rest of the Durinsfolk to the Blue Mountains where, for many years, he toiled as one of hundreds of blacksmiths while Thorin searched for the lost son of Durin amongst his own people.  He would not find Kas, as the intrepid and impatient dwarf set out to find his fortune in the world of men.  Like his fathers before him, Kasrim was easy prey for the gold sickness and his want for something more than his humble beginnings led him far from his family and home.

 A handful of years later an adolescent elven healer by the name Anolinde finds a wounded dwarf deep in the Mirkwood forest, far from any land familiar to Durinsfolk.  The two races haven’t remotely repaired the damage done years before and young elves are taught to hate the much younger lived race, it wouldn’t take much to spark a war and were the two races closer, conflict would have no doubt broken out already.

Not knowing what to do with a lone dwarf in his forest, Linde is about kill his would-be prisoner when the dwarf awakens and informs him that he is a proud prince of the Durin line and killing him would be foolhardy, with grave consequences.  Linde, as green as they come, has no clue what to do with this information and Kas is just bold enough to take advantage of it.

Anyways… after much weeaboo bullshit over gtalk these sketches came into existence over the period of a week… i’ve been doodling for 10 minutes before sleeping each night to try and get back into drawing personal work more often.  With commissions and work being so demanding i don’t get much time to draw what i want to draw.  

So yes, here is a Boot Hill hobbit/ lotr AU.  Enjoy that. 

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darkedyn said: Happy New Year! You have been one of my biggest inspirations this past year and I wanted to thank you and wish you all the best in the coming year C:

Thanks so much lady!  I’m glad i’ve been able to be that kind of motivation ;; I hope you new year goes swimmingly as well. <3

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Anonymous said: oh yeah you can find some interesting info on the FF7 wiki about stuff that was never used in the game, thanks for answering tho, I do love all your redesigns~ <3

I’ll have to check that out D:  Its’ been a while since i’ve visited the FF7 wiki.  Thanks so much <3