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Anonymous asked: oh yeah you can find some interesting info on the FF7 wiki about stuff that was never used in the game, thanks for answering tho, I do love all your redesigns~ <3

I’ll have to check that out D:  Its’ been a while since i’ve visited the FF7 wiki.  Thanks so much <3

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Anonymous asked: sorry for asking questions about projects still on the back burner, but are some of your redesigns for FF7 characters inspired by the games unused concepts of them? I noticed your ideas for Vincent have elements of his first draft persona where he wasn't a turk and the party had no idea he could transform at first.

The concepts are largely inspired by my own headcanon’s for the character’s roles and personalities, as well as Amano’s promo work for the game.  Vincent’s wasn’t drawn from any particular FF7 related work though, and specially not unused concepts for him haha.  I didn’t even know such a thing existed!

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lulles asked: Love your style <3

oh haaaaaayyy thanks so much!  It’s been a while haha.

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queen-of-my-song asked: So I am planning on (finally) creating my webcomic. I wanted to know, is there anything I should know about webcomicing, since it's not something I have ever done before and I don't even know where to post it properly?

Man, a lot of things you’re just going to have to learn with trial and error. : /   Its not an easy road that’s for sure!  I would recommend posting it on smackjeeves and updating regularly… do those two things and you’re almost guaranteed some margin of success.

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COMMISSION DONE OH WOW.   Work made completing this very difficult but its done!  Lovely characters belong to Heliossa on DA.

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Anonymous asked: moarrrrrr art

Aaahh patience… commissions are happening and i ran out of backlogged sketches to post…

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Working on a pic of Loki and kid!loki.  Inspiration and designs are gonna be taken from both the movie and comic versions of him… cause they’re all pretty brilliant right now.  I love how the mainstream has embraced this character as a sympathetic villain, instead of a black and white character.

wings are courtesy of magpies and their ilk.

Ehh… yeah i’m feeling a bit down right now, so I hope you guys enjoy the art … its channeling a bit of emotional bs right now.

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Sketch of Crist and Dom from avi.

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oh boy, sorry not-sorry.

I love in the first pic of him i was trying to go for serene or contemplative… but he looks like he’s just praying for the patience to deal with his idiotic brother.

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Theodox, an oldie but still a favourite of mine. I recently did this redesign of him… in large part based off a stunningly gorgeous model (in case someone recognizes the middle bottom sketch as familiar).  I drew him with both his messy / hair he has when he works at home and with his sleek styling for when he feels he needs to be presentable.

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sarahspondus asked: Your artwork is stunning and I love you

;3; awe thanks so much, i feel loved.

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dude who else

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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say that I really love your stlye and I wish I could draw like you. Your style is so inspiring and basically my ideal. Thanks for the inspiration, you are wonderful!

Ahhh gosh!  Why is everyone so bloody nice.  Thanks so much ;; and you’re very welcome.  <3

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akomish asked: your art style is beautiful. followed!

ahhh thanks so much ;;