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demon idea.  i think i really just wanna make someone blue.

figured these two should be together.  Eblis and Crocell. 

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Hey guys! Our BFF and studio mate, Chutkat is trying to raise some money to come visit us in Canada. To do so, we’re having a studio-wide print sale. All artists, all sections, all prints. To activate the discount, enter in the code ” TOCANADA ” (no spaces or punctuation) at the checkout!

We’re also doing a raffle to the peeps who want to help us out with a reblog. A Free print,(including shipping and handling) for every 1k notes will be given away to a random re-blogger on Aug 5. If you happen to have already purchased one or more through the shop, a print and shipping will be comped.

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Anonymous said: Will you let us know when Demon Road is ready for preordering, or is there somewhere else I can follow to check that? <3

You can follow the demon road blog!

We post updates and pages here when available.  We’re also around to answer questions and concerns or just chat about zelda goodness. :)

Cleaned up sketch of Finch i did while visiting gloomsday.  I titled this pic &#8220;THE GUN SHOW&#8221;.  I have no regrets.
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Cleaned up sketch of Finch i did while visiting gloomsday.  I titled this pic “THE GUN SHOW”.  I have no regrets.

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Trying to get used to drawing again.  I took a break for a bit and then had a hard time just drawing and enjoying it .. so…I’m going through some stuff from my sketchbook that i want to do more with later.  this is a wip from a FF7 image i’m working on.  So far just cloud has been drawn, but there will be others eventually, when i have the time.  

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Anonymous said: So sorry to hear about your father, I'm sending my best wishes for you and your family. Don't rush it, take care of yourself, and know that anytime you need it, your followers are here for you <3

Thank you so much.   A number of friends, fans and family have offered support and condolences and its incredibly sweet.  I’ve responded to most of them privately as it’s a private matter but i still want everyone to know that i’m so appreciative and thankful to have this network online to reach out to.  I’ve never seen your faces or met a lot of you but it doesn’t seem to matter in times of need.

Thank you and hopefully I get to thank all of you in person someday. 

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Some news…

So… My father has just passed away. He had been sick for a very long time. It was horribly stressful and difficult for my family to deal with for all these years and then to suddenly have it all over is really …

its going to take adjusting to.

I just wanted to let you all know what was up. I might be hard to reach for a little while but i’ll try to get back on track soon. Thanks to everyone for being understanding.

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Anonymous said: I love u

oh myyyy

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Anonymous said: Hunter, I'm too shy to come off anon but you are my absolute favorite artist <3 I hope that you're doing okay lately!

Awww thanks anon!  I’m doing pretty well thanks.  Hoping that I can get back to finishing up commissions soon and then onto the webcomic!


Dom &amp; Crist for the lovely Steph and Hunter :D
Dom does not trust Crist’s cooking &gt;:


dat ass.
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Dom & Crist for the lovely Steph and Hunter :D

Dom does not trust Crist’s cooking >:


dat ass.

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I know I don’t usually post our iron artist commission stuff, but this has been sitting around waiting for so long and I really like how it came out 8| I’m also trying this thing where I actually post shit I’m working on to my horribly neglected tumblr 8D

Collab with dapperowl@tumblr who is totally the only reason this looks at all rad.

Commission for Caninelove <33

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Continuing our redesign project, some rough, first passes on Zelos Wilder and Colette Brunel, since they are such enjoyable friends to watch on screen together.  We’ll be doing turnarounds for them once we have the designs more nailed down. Hopefully we’ll find our way to the entire Symphonia party.

Also to any Symphonia fans wondering if the PS3 re-release is worth owning, my answer is yes. Yes it is. All the PS2 content I never got to see from the English GC version was really enjoyable, especially if you get all the Zelos soul-mate stuff (much more than I thought there would actually be) and I very much enjoyed the translation of “bud” properly translated to “hunny” in the extra scenes.


ASfdskhjsdgfsdjf ffffffffffffffff

So I’ve been nagging RBV to post these, a project we both wanted to do, similar to the FF7 redesign thing.  Here are the first couple of drawings for zelos and colette.. the two chosen.  Hopefully i’ll be able to do some swank turn arounds for these designs once some more of my commissions are done… 

And yeah.. the ps2 content on the HD release of symphonia is amazeballs. 

Stay tuned!

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goochy1270 said: Hey. I love your work and wondered if you had a website for buying prints etc?

Sure do!  You can find all the things i have for sale over at my studio website;



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new commission. weeeeoooeeeoooooo egyptian elves.

for the sunday bros!