Captain Harlock

So i watched that new fancy 3D captain harlock on my netflix yesterday and I actually didn’t hate it.  Yes there were massive glaring plot holes and the end sorta said ‘fuck it’ and threw logic out the window but, all in all it was pretty and i liked the plot.  My question though…

Was this the Advent Children of Captain Harlock?  Is the actual series nothing like this and I should I burn the memories of this movie from my minds’ eye?  Also, if i wanted to explore the series where should i reasonably start?  There’s roughly a billion movies and series so i’m really not sure where to pick it up….





I’ve just finished watching Hunger and I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait until Michael Fassbender win an Oscar He’s like my favorite actor and I was so disapointed that he didn’t win the Oscar for best supporting actor in twelve years a slave. I have no words to…

he better get an oscar, stat.  And it better not be another Leo DiCaprio situation cause i will flip tables.

The Academy can’t handle his dick. That’s the long and short of it omg there’s a pun in there somewhere what am I doing.