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Soriku head canons?

Too many to count or accurately describe but a few are;

- Sora is essentially one of the princesses, one of pure heart who represents all the worlds and is routinely kidnapped, put into comas, possessed, killed or hunted for his heart.  Riku is, naturally, his other half and comes to his rescue regularly.

- It’s mostly one-sided for a long ass time, unfortunately for Riku.  Sora crushed on Kairi for a while but in a mostly non-romantic way.   He grew out of it and organically realized he was closer with his childhood friend, idol and protector.  Still doesn’t realize what he feels for a long time, leading to a super close friendship between them for ages. Riku doesn’t want to admit his full feelings for fear of wrecking whatever it is they have and is content to make Sora happy whatever way works for him.

- Kairi ships it.  To the point of testing Sora near the beginning of KH1 (“lets just go, you and i”) and then finally giving them her blessing in KH2 (holding their hands together so sora can see riku again).  

…. if i think of more i’ll add more.  Honestly so much of their relationship feels canon it’s hard coming up with stuff that was just stated in the games.

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When you do commissions, what dimensions do you typically end up with? Do you give the commissioner a big enough version to print out? or just small enough to where it cannot be printed at a high quality.

I give them both a print version and a smaller optimized web version.   If you’re going to do this though it’s super important to mark clearly in your Terms of Service what rights you’re giving your commissioner and what they can do with that print.    It’s a contract and they’re bound to it so make sure all the important and relevant shit is in there when dealing with your art.

The dimensions vary but typically i don’t go over 8.5 x 11 inches.  It has been requested to go larger though.

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Hi Hunter, I'm too shy to come off anon but I was wondering if you would ever be open to looking at an artist's work (like their blog or portfolio) and giving general advice for what they should work on?

Sure, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to give a prompt response but i generally make my way through all my notes and respond in some manner.  Portfolio reviews take a lot more thought though so that would probably take some time and willpower to respond to.  It’s not easy formulating in depth critiques to someone’s entire oeuvre.  <3

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Hi Dapperowl!! hope you don't mind me asking...what is Falls d' ange exactly?? those characters and concepts are amazing and it looks so interesting! thanks have a nice day :)

Falls D’Ange is an expansive multi-verse and exercise in world building between myself and sambees.  Originally it was a handful of novels, a smattering of novellas and a bunch of random fanart.  It’s…..well it’s still that but now its grown into something much larger that will probably never be properly represented anywhere in the physical world.  Although there are plans to make companion guides and world books (like a book on the planes, a book on the creatures, a book on the demons and their society), but that’s pretty far down the road.  

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did you ref dancers or fighters? neither of your studies have enough muscle bulk or variation to them, they just look like generic idealized women. at the very least you need a strong core for most dancing and all fighting, that is the opposite of a wasp waist.

Yes.  She has a natural wasp waist, heavier thighs and is pretty plush.  It’s a body type that exists even amongst athletic types and it’s been exaggerated by a non-realistic style in these drawings.  I’m not sure which dancers you’re referencing but all the girls I observed have had thin waists (which isn’t to say they’re devoid of muscle)—Contortionists, ballerinas, strippers (ara on the left is a stripper), contemporary dancers… they all have heavy thighs and thin waists.  So yes, she’s got muscle, she has an ass, she’s got boobs and her ribcage is hella smaller than her head.  This was a concious decision.  

Arabesque from two didn&#8217;t universes.  One in which she&#8217;s a dancer and a  mage and the other she&#8217;s a mercenary and melee fighter.  Body type study.

Arabesque from two didn’t universes.  One in which she’s a dancer and a  mage and the other she’s a mercenary and melee fighter.  Body type study.

yssadalawa said: KH3D was pretty awesome, and I’m glad you’re enjoying(ish) it so far. I think the difficulty curve isn’t that bad…probably after ppl complainin abt kh2 ha ha h…does that mean u havent played BBS? :0

Oh i’m enjoying it for sure :> I don’t mind hard boss fights, but it also kinda seems like every boss fight at the end has been completely fucking nuts (its also entirely possible that I’m way under levelled and under-synthed for dream eaters… I just wanted to play the game and not micromanage pokemon). xD  And no, i haven’t played BBS.  It… it looks bad. Like really bad.  I’ve read the summary and lordy i don’t care about anything that happens in that game.  It makes me painfully aware that they’re taking away a lot of things that make Sora cool and relate-able and chalking up all of his accomplishments to 'it's fate’, which is one of my biggest pet peeves in writing (like what they did to ganondorf in skyward sword).  I just wish they’d stop trying to EXPLAIN stuff. It was way better as a nebulous, abstract concept than a mess of plot threads that lead no where and always need to be tied up somewhere else and then just lead to more loose threads.  If you keep pulling the sweater apart to inspect the fibres you’re not gonna have a piece of functional clothes when you’re done.  I feel the same way about KH:fractions too.

Dream Drop Distance

I decided i’d give one of the KH spin offs a shot and so i went for KH: 3D because it looked the least obnoxious in terms of shitty shoe-horned characters and switches back and forth between riku and sora as the playable character.  I gotta say i’m pretty pleased with it, its super cute, nice art direction, good cut scenes, great voice acting, and really developes Riku and Sora as characters, both together and apart.  

I’m nearly done the game now and I’ve gotta say one pro and con of the game is that the bosses are insanely hard.   I’m on the second last boss and there’s a part of this fight where if you fail to have twitchy good reaction time to a quick time event that’s only screen for a split second you have to do the fight all over again and wait for it to happen again.   Even if you do get that quick time event it brings you to yet another boss you have to fight and he’s more murder-tastic than the one before…. i just. eeeesh.

damn game, you steep difficulty curve.  I thought this was cute happy pokemon knock-off time but its pretty… not. that. 

edit: omfg i forgot to mention that you randomly ‘drop’ to the other player, ie, you pass the fuck out randomly.  if you happen to do this in a boss fight you gotta do the whole thing over again.   I managed to avoid it almost entirely except once but damn that was annoying.

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This may seem like a shallow question but I'm curious: Do you feel like you had to work to garner popularity in the artist community? Or do you feel like an artist's skill will simply draw fans if it's good enough?

This questions kind of answers itself.  If you have the skill you have obviously worked your ass off to get it.  The one thing you DO need to do in order to get known within a community is make your work readily available for consumption.   If you don’t then you can’t complain when no one sees it.  Its true that getting noticed in the world wide web is increasingly more difficult due to the sheer amount of stuff out there but i find the rule of 3 works everywhere, even on the interwebs.

You need to have two of the following three things to be successful:

- excellent work (read: you’re amazeballs and everything you touch is gold)

- excellent personality (read: it shines through your work and how you treat people online)

- excellent time management (read: you post frequently and consistently without being spammy)

On the net, if you have two of these people will notice.  You need to work at them on a constant basis if you want ‘fans’ or a fan base.  There are artists out there that barely post anything but are insanely skilled and are super nice people… and they have a fan base.  There are artists who aren’t so skilled but draw personable, relateable art and are super sweet to everyone and post often… they also get a fanbase.   And then there are the assholes who are also super talented and post a lot… they too are rewarded with fans.

So I guess tl;dr…. yes to the first question and yes to the second question.

Kind of weird drawing KH again after all these years.  Back when i was active on DA my initial fanbase was built on the popularity of my KH fanart.  It&#8217;s strange being able to draw some of the stuff i wish i had been able to back then.   I think a lot of my fanbase stuck around from all those years ago too, so i guess i gotta thank KH for existing&#8212; my career might have been very different had it not.

Kind of weird drawing KH again after all these years.  Back when i was active on DA my initial fanbase was built on the popularity of my KH fanart.  It’s strange being able to draw some of the stuff i wish i had been able to back then.   I think a lot of my fanbase stuck around from all those years ago too, so i guess i gotta thank KH for existing— my career might have been very different had it not.