Talking about Character Design at Montreal Comiccon!

I’m going to be at the Montreal Comiccon!  I won’t have a table but I WILL have a panel with the company I work for, Hibernum Creations.  

The presentation will be on Saber’s Edge and the creative process behind it this Sunday, September 14 at 12:15 in room 551A at the Palais des congrès!  Come by if you want to say hi or just show your support.  I’ll be doing a Q&A afterwards as well if there’s something you’ve always been dying to ask me and i’ll hang around if you just want to chat. :) Hopefully I’ll see you there!

clausesart asked:

Will forever love your FF7 redesign project! What u said about the characters in the newer spin-off stuff is so true. I feel like everyone is either OOC, or have taken steps back from their actual character development. I feel your pain with Aerith tho, I really liked Vincent and his back-story until it was retold in dirge of Cerberus. 8C Holy shit now that was shitty writing.

WOW DIRGE WAS THE WORST.  They took this hilariously snarky and somewhat of a gag character and turned him into.. another emo Cloud????  God what a lame turn of events that was.

rioburton asked:

sorry ran out of characters in the last ask! I feel like your work is a great refreshing view of these characters. The only reason I wasn't a fan was I think because she kinda latched onto Cloud and wouldn't stay home lol. I kept thinking what? Go home! Which is probably what Cloud initially thought too lol. I'll be really excited to see more of your take on Tifa. She definitely won my heart over. and don't get me started on FF8! But seriously, your Aerith is the best I've seen. Awesome work!

It’s kinda funny cause if Aerith had stayed home the world would have ended and cloud would have never developed.  I think she was majorly responsible for the vision and guidance that cloud needed in the early stages.  She passed that responsibility onto cloud a bit unintentionally, but he was inspired by her in many ways and was able to move forward from the dark places in his life. Aerith represented the future and to not let your past hold you back (which i feel like.. tifa is the antithesis of.  She represented the past and how it does hold you back) which i also always liked. 

Aside all that though, Aerith she did go home and tried to stay there but the world wasn’t ready to just let her live her a life and i think she was tired of every man in the world telling her what she should be, what her purpose was and how she should live and die.  I was also pretty grateful for a competent healer xD

Tifa and Aerith were interesting opposing forces and at the start i hated Tifa because it felt like she was trying to push her feelings on cloud, who clearly didn’t reciprocate them. I mean, her design was also just straight up insulting and that tainted my view on her as well, i guess i felt like they were trying to make her the hot girl who the guy gets as a prize at the end of the game… and i couldn’t hope to relate to that at all.    Her design really let her down as a character and i couldn’t see past it for a long time (bar-tending kung-fu rebellion leading brawler?  mini skirt, belly shirt  and loooong easily grabbed hair).

Tifa also made a lot of bad, selfish choices as a child and teenager that i couldn’t forgive for a long time, until i realized that she was a flawed human being and ff7 was actually also a redemption story for Tifa too.  That’s when i started to come around to her as a character.  That her plot wasn’t a romantic one but a human one.  That just because she was literally a strong character didn’t mean she was a strong person (and that’s ok). 

(edit: oh damn could you resend your first ask again…? i think tumblr ate it)

rioburton asked:

I was never a big fan of Aerith (lol sorry) but I LOVE your take on her! I would read an Aerith web comic all day if you created it lol. That decorative corset... Woohoo! Also love the emotion in your latest piece. :)

Ahh thanks!  I honestly don’t mind if people don’t like Aerith, I get that a LOT when i mention that i like her, same with Cloud too actually.

I feel a lot of the negativity they garner comes from the more recent depictions and appearances of them in media (basically anything after the original FF7 game) where cloud is a mopey whiner and aerith is a ditzy … blank canvas.  Neither of which is the case…. A lot of the time i don’t even know what they’re going for with aerith (like in crisis core.  I couldn’t help but feel she was just incredibly bratty and selfish but they were painting these traits as desirable and good.  It was just shit writing).

What i’m aiming to do with the re-designs is show people how they were represented in the original game.  They’re still merely my opinion but I feel like there was a lot of depth and personality that was overlooked by the masses, especially with aerith, who is often viewed as a vapid, goody-two-shoes… when actually…. none of her dialogue is about that.  She’s sarcastic, witty, ambitious, goes after what she wants, spunky, a bit rough around the edges, not always truthful to others about her feelings and sorta unable to get outside her own head (partially due to the voices she can’t escape).  With her design and how she carries herself I want to show her emotional state, her heritage / powers and her history as a poverty stricken woman hiding in the slums who still managed to get up in the morning and do her best despite the circumstances she’s been dealt.

Aerith is just really important to me.  I relate to her a lot (tifa too) and i just get sad when she’s written off as a cliche.

felix yet again, being decidedly more fabulous and dolled up.  Another sketch I did during Otakuthon ‘14 while manning my table. :>  Thanks to everyone who came by to chat! <333
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felix yet again, being decidedly more fabulous and dolled up.  Another sketch I did during Otakuthon ‘14 while manning my table. :>  Thanks to everyone who came by to chat! <333
Zoom Info

felix yet again, being decidedly more fabulous and dolled up.  Another sketch I did during Otakuthon ‘14 while manning my table. :>  Thanks to everyone who came by to chat! <333

picksiesticks asked:

I've been following you for about a decade now (from DA; Tumblr later). I can't possibly express what a significant game-changer-level inspiration you've been. You and your gorgeous artwork move me like no other! You are my favorite artist without a doubt. What stood out at first: detail. So much of it! Now it's the movement and the flow of your lines; the clear way that a mood is delivered. Each new post just lights up my day!! Keep truckin', beautiful!~ (also your inspiration blog hnnnng <3)

God damn i feel OLD LOL.  That’s amazing though, its hard to believe I’ve been kicking around the interwebs that long….not to mention the people who’ve been following me for all of that time……. ;;;;;; It’s really motivating.  So just as I’m an inspiration to you, you’re also an inspiration to me. <3