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rioburton said: I LOVE your Eblis character. Lookin' good! oh those highlights... *o*

Ohhhh thank you so much!!  She came out much better than I thought ;;  Hopefully there will be more art of her soon <3

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A new commission.

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gloomsday said: GET IT? Because Fassy has a big dick.

oh i get it.  i get it all the time.

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musicisunivrsl said: Do you still do commissions and if you do, how much do you charge for a single character, full body with color and no background? :)

I ammmmm closed :< But you can price things out on my DA commission page right over here. Thanks so much for asking though ;_;  I’m struggling to keep on top of the commissions I took last year, let alone taking new ones right now.  <3

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majister said: Hey I was just wondering, how do you get over drawer's block? I've had it for a very long time.

A combination of going out and walking around (usually i like to go to a museum or a movie) and then drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing some more.   Be prepared to toss a lot of your attempts :< 

It also helps to go back to a style / subject matter you’re familiar with, rather than trying to challenge yourself with something that might potentially frustrate or upset you.

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Anonymous said: I must say.... You. Are. AMAZING! How do you come up with your poses? Is it just from years of practice or do you act out the poses or....?

Both?  I have a lot of stupid pictures of myself in dumb poses on my phone for reference, but i think them up first and then see what is more natural / elegant to draw.  It’s also a matter of knowing how your character (or the character you’re drawing) acts and represents their emotions physically.  What their mannerisms are, their habits, their personality, etc. :>

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Anonymous said: Your art if beautiful. Just had to say it. And I was wondering if you were still taking commissions and how much they were. Even if you aren't, your art is gorgeous and I appreciate you sharing it with all of us!

Sadly I don’t have a lot of time to take new commissions (and i’m currently trying to get out of a drawing block i’ve been in) but thank you so much for asking.  If i do open up again I’ll post the shit out of it on my tumblr and DA and Weasyl <3

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mjenai said: Just wanted to take a moment and say that your work is a big inspiration for me.

Ooohh thank you so much ;_;  I’m glad you took the moment <3


The fencing team uniform from the university of the fourth layer of hell.  Tierran is our lovely model for today’s design.
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The fencing team uniform from the university of the fourth layer of hell.  Tierran is our lovely model for today’s design.

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ribbonlace said: What is Boot Hill! Just the title sounds amazing. -ribbon




Hi, hello! I was going to respond to the big chain of replies with vaudevillellain about this, but this is much nicer and clean and lovely.

Boot Hill is a work-in-progress, labor of love novel series that my lovely friend dapperowl and I have been cooking up together for about six years. She’s a kickass artist who illustrates things and keeps me motivated with her amazeballs, insane brain and I write all the things. I’m currently about halfway through the first draft of the first novel (about 75,000 words).

The story is about a high-strung medical student in an alt-universe fantasy western 1880s setting who ends up on the lam for being able to possess magic when he should have no business doing so. As far as society knows, magic has been extinct/unusable for fifty years, so the fact that our hero Lindsey is somehow able to pull magic from an unknown source at all and then channel it through his body is pretty extraordinary.

But mostly this is a problem because there are at least two people in the high rungs of the aristocracy who are willing to go to extreme lengths to have magic restored, determined to return their crumbling country to the thriving metropolis it used to be when magic ran rampant. And one of these people happens to notice Linds in a particularly inopportune moment. Lindsey narrowly escapes and hides out with his sister, but when the wanted posters start to circulate around the city with a reward for his arrest that rivals that of the most-wanted man in the country, he realizes that he needs to get the fuck out.

Scared witless, Lindsey abandons his medical schooling, his sister, and the city he’s known his whole life, and hightails it into the Splinters, a massive desert ruled by lawlessness and no-gooders. Lindsey’s bad luck never seems to want to run out, however, and literally on the train ride to his first destination in the desert, he’s intercepted by a gang of thieves—the leader of which happens to be the actual most-wanted man in the country: a mildly unhinged gunslinger named Finch. They take him captive under the impression that the gang intends to turn him in for the reward money, but the way Finch alternates between threatening Linds and being alarmingly protective of him makes him believe something else is at play. In the space prior to being turned in, Linds’s sneaking suspicions that Finch might be somehow connected to his newly realized magical powers only sharpen. That and his downright fascination with Finch.

Against his better judgment, Linds puts down his medical tools and takes up a gun to earn the trust of a ruthless killer and get the information he wants. But he’s got to work fast before the law and the aristocracy hunt him and Finch’s gang down, and the opportunity is lost.

SO YES that’s the basic idea. Sorry, that got kind of long, haha. I get a little insane in the membrane when it comes to my bb Boot Hill. If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them. :D


NOOO what this is making my stomach flutter and I don’t know what to do with it at all brb crying????? Thank you so much! I’d be happy to send you some of the draft at some point. :)

for those interested parties.

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Hey everyone! I know I’ve been absent of late, cloistered away in a gaming studio for the past 8 months, working overtime and lunch hours to complete a mobile game (the first game that i will have seen from beginning to end). The game is called Sabre’s Edge and I was lucky enough to get to design the characters for this project. The artwork of the characters that you see in this lovely trailer was also done by none other than sambees (aka redbeanvoilin). We collaborated many times during the production stages and so what you see is an epic hybrid of both our creative energies.

It feels good to get to share some of this finally, being under NDA is tough! Hopefully I will be able to post some artwork of the characters for you guys very very soon.

Here’s the press release: BAM!

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justvrit said: I was looking at your FF7 art (that I adore btw) and a question pop up in my mind....have you ever considered in drawing Zack, from crisis core? just for curiosity :3 hope you're doing great

YES yes he’s definitely planned to be redesigns with the others :>  I love Zack, but more so in the original FF7 game, rather than crisis core.  I know he’s a bit of a blank slate int FF7 but CC really painted him as an anime trope kind of guy which didn’t totally appeal to me ( although his design about halfway through the game excellent so i will be taking notes from that).

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Sailor Moon Crystal

I (actually) like it a lot, aside the 3D transformation sequence and the overall low-budget animation (two frames jittering back and forth …eeeeh). It was much better than expected and the story beats were really well done.  Usagi and Mamoru feel like real people with a strange power they don’t understand, rather than cartoon parodies of a magical girl romance. 

I’m thankful that they ditched the over the atop, animu, short-hand-for-real-expressions stuff from the manga and the 80s anime.  It was probably the most annoying part of the old series (aside usagi herself, though so be fair she gets better in later seasons).  I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the chibis and ‘comedy’ being taken out of the new show but I’m stoked they’re gone.  It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t cute.  Maybe to my 11 year old brain loud noises and constant screaming were hilarious but now it comes across as tasteless, cliche, and trope-y.  I never found her to be lacking expression or felt that her reactions were out of character— to me they were just more.. human.  I mean, unless everyone runs around being caricatures of real emotion.

Anyways… i’m enjoying it, I’m excited to see mamoru as a real person and not .. whatever the hell he was in the original show. 8)