picksiesticks asked:

I've been following you for about a decade now (from DA; Tumblr later). I can't possibly express what a significant game-changer-level inspiration you've been. You and your gorgeous artwork move me like no other! You are my favorite artist without a doubt. What stood out at first: detail. So much of it! Now it's the movement and the flow of your lines; the clear way that a mood is delivered. Each new post just lights up my day!! Keep truckin', beautiful!~ (also your inspiration blog hnnnng <3)

God damn i feel OLD LOL.  That’s amazing though, its hard to believe I’ve been kicking around the interwebs that long….not to mention the people who’ve been following me for all of that time……. ;;;;;; It’s really motivating.  So just as I’m an inspiration to you, you’re also an inspiration to me. <3 

Captain Harlock

So i watched that new fancy 3D captain harlock on my netflix yesterday and I actually didn’t hate it.  Yes there were massive glaring plot holes and the end sorta said ‘fuck it’ and threw logic out the window but, all in all it was pretty and i liked the plot.  My question though…

Was this the Advent Children of Captain Harlock?  Is the actual series nothing like this and I should I burn the memories of this movie from my minds’ eye?  Also, if i wanted to explore the series where should i reasonably start?  There’s roughly a billion movies and series so i’m really not sure where to pick it up….